Lenznet provides NDT inspection/maintenance on a number of subsea infrastructure using latest technology Our maintenance and NDT inspection services covers marine risers,riser running tools, diverter running tools, gooseneck, telescopic joints,riser joints and so on.

Lenznet also offer range of NDT services such as VT, Radiographic test, magnetic particle test(MPI),Electromagnetic test(EMI).Oilƒ8–8eld Country tubular Goods(OCTG)Lenznet supply of Oilƒ8–8eld Country tubular Goods(OCTG) includes drill pipes, tubular and casing and tubing.



  • Marine Riser
  • Riser Running Tools
  • Diverter Running Tools
  • Telescopic Joints
  • Riser Joints
  • Radiographic Test
  • Gooseneck
  • Magnetic Particle Test (MPI)
  • Electromagnetic Test (EMI)